At Trooperads we have developed for our Advertisers and Developers a new feature to set up your MMP KPIs for us to optimize towards it, having the viewability and control on how each media source is performing in real time with a granular insight.

We can set up in our SMB Platform KPI rules following your MMP expected metrics in order to increase the media buying in the well-performing sources or to dismiss as soon as possible each source that is not reaching the KPIs or the expected quality thresholds.

Let’s set up an optimization goal, and let our system to do it for you.

We are the first leading Inapp Makerting Technology company to be learning and taking desitions from your Mobile attribution company.

This will be THE show to learn and improve mobile acquisition and retention learnings and experiences. Can’t wait to see everyone there! The perfect moment to discuss our latest release: The MMP optimizer in our own SMART MEDIA BUYING PLATFORM. Send us an email to book a meeting!

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