Seminar about: Why is necessary Fraud prevention before an Install happens

¨After Install Rejection/analysis is a late stage fraud solution”

Will discuss the importance of defining a minimum click quality threshold on how should an organic click look like, in terms of DATA and information for a user acquisition campaign, focusing on clicks in addition to the installs.

Impressions and clicks against Installs are the first stages any Advertiser should focus in.

Each click comes with tons of information. Understanding what key indicators we can search for will drive us to double assurance that a user is an organic one.

We know that in order to have success in a UA and UE strategy any Advertiser will need a: Social + Programmatic + Network performance to run simultaneously.

Let me share with you some of the main indicators we´ve learned over the past 3 years about the performance Network blind spots and opportunities that are imperative in order to assure a safe promotion, organic user behavior inside the app and a Media app fraud prevention in this channel.