We will attend the #MMA Impact Argentina on June 5, to discuss the different media channels we offer to clients such as Uber, Rappi and Lazada, among others, and also to hear about your needs in the challenging path of Mobile Growth and of User Acquisition.
We are looking for clients who know what KPIs and ROI are waiting for, in order to offer them a Media buying plan 100% Performance. We look forward to seeing you there!


Asistiremos al #MMA Impact Argentina el 5 de Junio, para debatir acerca de los distintos canales de media que ofrecemos a clientes como Uber, Rappi y Lazada, entre otros, y para oír también acerca de sus necesidades en el desafiante camino del Mobile Growth y de User Acquisition. Buscamos clientes que sepan que KPIs y ROI esperan, para así ofrecerles un Media buying plan 100% Performance.