Good, Effective & Incrementally Marketing; The Challenge.

Understand, collect data, learn from it, take decisions towards it, create unique content, automate funnels, personalize communications, retain users, encourage users to spend more time or money in your app, detect fraud, avoid fraud, and understand what does brings you the real ROI of incrementally.????  

These are just SOME of the challenges marketing teams have to face nowadays. Social, Affiliate, SMS´s, Emailing, Stores, Programmatic, Organic, Seach…these are a LOT of channels to take care of.

Tools like: Google Tag Manager, Customer Data Platform (CDP), Attribution Companies ( MMP) + Partner Management Platform (PMP) are key to control and to have a better understanding of analytics. But still, this is too much to work on all inhouse. Attribution reportings are usually are complex to set up, that is why marketing teams need to add a PMP to the chain. And as unbelievable it might sound, all these analysis platforms are in rare cases directly connected to the majority of the media supply channels or providers from each Advertiser.

This is, in my opinion, the biggest Marketing Technology Stack of all.

Layers of data analysis, clarity and understanding to improve your media efforts should have a direct connection to each media provider, to get truly outsourcing performance agencies to work effectively and to optimize towards their own delivery and results instead of just yourself. Open from scratch the transparency you need to share in order to get more hard workers to learn from your KPI´s and to be able to achieve them thanks to all the tons of dollars your company is already investing in technology providers.

Counting with truly marketing automation based depends on your capability to connect the dots. Are you ready to do so?