How to build a brandformance successful strategy

DATA to achieve effective brandformance results

Back in the early days, app marketers’ biggest challenge was getting users to install their apps. Today, app install is still one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) in an app marketing campaign. However, as the mobile app industry continues to change and challenge us all, app marketers are daily faced with a bigger challenge: CPA Goals.

We all know that programmatic is the true channel to learn and grow in your UA and UE strategies, although running campaigns only through a programmatic approach will lead you to higher prices per acquisition in most of the verticals.

Programmatic Inapp ad prices have risen considerably over the past 12 months. Data providers — both buy- and sell-side — also reported an increase in cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPMs) from Q1 to Q4.

One of our current strongest proposals at Trooperads is to do a smart diversification in your budget. At your awareness stage we split it between affiliates media (with a less risky buying model saving the Device ID / Referrer´s as a standard basic requirement) and programmatic media buying. This means creating a campaign to generate a different awareness and to eventually build the second part of the strategy to re-engage the collected data, learn from it,  and also to pay per CPA in a successful branformance mix strategie.

Build your awareness stage with a less risky and cost-effective campaign strategy, collect more DATA, and improve your mobile growth by impacting your lookalike best performing audiences with retargeting actions through programmatic & push in app actions.

For performance-based advertisers, when an advertiser bids more and achieves greater volume while staying within the client’s pre-determined key performance indicators (KPIs), the higher costs becomes a justified investment. When incorporating programmatic ad buying into campaigns, marketers should consider media mix modeling to get a broader view of ROI and better assess how to allocate the spend between different channels. With the data and insights gained, marketers can better organize their efforts to strengthen ads and improve the value of their returns through programmatic.


Creating the right brandformance In App advertising strategy


At Trooperads we offer a different approach to spend less but gain more. We target the best of both worlds: Performance and Branding. Not all users are the same and by consequence won’t spend the same in your app. Nevertheless, each user will have a special value for each app developer and finding them is crucial.

Hiring companies like Trooperads that work with data in the programmatic and performance marketplace is the root to take a competitive advantage from your media efforts, as it allows you to improve the strategic and targeting capabilities of your advertising.

Try out our Smart Media Buying Platform and set out your KPI goals for us to optimize in real-time while we learn from your MMP data and take effective decisions towards it.

Let’s reduce your churn rate with the quality of the acquired users. High-quality users are the ones who drive stronger retention, return of investment (ROI), and several other post-install metrics by staying engaged with the app for a longer period of time.