TROOPERADS is proud to announce that we have migrated our infrastructure to a new database and technology stack with the capability to process more than 30,000 requests with a response time of less than 3 seconds, with constant monitoring per millisecond and an error solver machine learning algorithm.

For anyone who is not acquainted with the scaling and viral roadmap software architecture, this means a massive and powerful platform able to perform with a raised standard to detect, learn and optimize in an incredibly short response time.

Our SMART MEDIA BUYING PLATFORM prevents any unusual, erratic, unknown or lineal behavior pattern from any traffic source from passing through. Guaranteeing the capability to process, learn and react in an almost real-time response, we offer to our clients a true life-vest in this fraudulent growing tendency market.

We protect them in their need to keep on searching for new channels to grow in their UA strategies with engaged users.

By being connected to Appsflyer, Adjust and other MMP’s, our SMART MEDIA BUYING PLATFORM provides a complex and robust AI able to learn from each pattern and to react following the attribution data points we count with. There is nothing more effective in a mobile growth strategy than to rely on solid attribution data + the technology to make decisions accordingly.

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