Over the last two months, things had been really shaken up for every single company in the entire world. Running to adapt to this “circumstance / new temporary reality”, drives us, marketers, into a fast and furious race to re-adapt and keep our brands safe from the waste of limited budget resources & fraudsters. Understanding the new market trend, new environment, and new user/customer state of mind is a complex radical shift from what we used to know as “a normal audience behavior”.

With this being said, to find the right message, channel, and investment while the incomes of all our Apps are new, unknown & unexpected, is a tricky and risky thing to do…

Affiliate marketing models for Trooperads, have shown to be key to help us navigate the unknown, paying only after a certain billable action and turning each invested cent from our brands into a profitable share, (at least for our performance giants based clients able to measure real engagement) until we define the new paradigm of the “new normal user behavior and trends”.

Branding and brand-formance is still key to achieve a complete and successful organic growth, but at this complex time being, we recommend to try out our Smart Media Buying Platform, that works in real-time optimizing towards your MMP following your KPIs and is able to create a customized threshold of traffic transparency & requirements setups, achieving a superior performing traffic quality and a significant reduction of time and money in attribution and anti fraud charges.