We are the first leading In-App Marketing Company to be connected
with your mobile attribution provider’s data to make effective decisions in
real time for your user acquisition & engagement campaigns

Measurable added value in our advertising plans.

Through a solid and innovative technology, plus a real commitment to excellence, we offer our clients a simple & transparent way to get the best mobile growth & engagement plan.

About Us

We are a company in full awareness of the importance of understanding the final goals we need to attain to reach the expected ROI & ROAS, getting involved with the entire user journey, since the first contact with an AD until the expected engagement inside each app.

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Specific Media Buying Plan

We create for each of our advertisers a specific and transparent media buying plan through our Performance DSP.

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Fraud solutions

We own a robust algorithm that identifies and scans impressions and clicks in real- time dismissing all the traffic without data of their origin or behaving in a non-organic way.

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MMPs Integration

Thanks to our integrations with the MMP providers, we set up in our SMB Platform auto KPI optimizations and rules, thus achieving always the expected ROI.

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Our Clients